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Welcome to the Baltic Manors!

Welcome to the Baltic Manors!

Travel to the venues of change

Get to know historic places and modern ways of maintaining and celebrating manorial heritage around the Baltic Sea

Manor Houses are testimonies of a memorable transition of regions around the Baltic Sea through the past centuries. They represent manifold cultural & political interrelations, which reflect how the people and countries were connected in the past, despite their very own culture and traditions – and how they still are!

These days most of these places have turned into destinations for a vacation getaway or into a cultural venue. As a hotel or museum they give us an inspiring distraction from our daily routine. Their historic charm amazes us in a way that it makes us instantly ponder about the wonders and miserys of the past, while they invite us to get a glimpse of a time of another spirit of hard work and decadence and luxury.

This website informs you about background stories and remarkable occurrences related to the Baltic Manors and the people who lived and shaped their history.

This website offers you information about our partner regions in Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark and Sweden, each of which holds a wide range of historic and cultural uniqueness. Together they shape a rich landscape of manors – waiting for you to explore them. Our stories give you an insight about “spacepioneers” and manorial wonders. We show you places to travel to and routes to take. Travel through nature and off the beaten tracks.

Come and indulge yourself into this charming scenery!

South East Sweden



Parseta River Basin

Northern Kashubia

Lithuania Manor

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Baltic Manors Online Festival

9 August 2020 – 5 – 7.30 p.m. CEST

back to back with the festival in Sweden

Find cultural offers and cozy hotels

Visit museums, eat good food or celebrate long nights…

Winter and spring are a beautiful time to visit the Baltic Manors. Interesting exhibitions, delicious feasts and long nights by the fireplace are waiting for you. In each region of the Baltic Manor Landscape you will find cultural events to enjoy. Visit the Museum Wejherowo in Northern Kashubia and learn about regional arts and culture and enjoy classical concerts. Visit Christinehof Slott and Svaneholm Slott in South East Sweden and learn about the manorial life in the 1700th century.  Get to know the Reventlow family in the Museum Pederstrup in Lolland-Falster. Find your perfect hotel in a historic manor house in Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark or Sweden. Or you may witness the ongoing progress of the restoration at Watercastle Quilow or Castle Broock in Vorpommern.

Read an article in the Magazine LOVE POLAND about the Polish Baltic Manors Landscape. It starts on page 20.Polish Manor Houses

Welcome to the unknown…

Baltic Manors Landscape

Around the Baltic Sea there is a vast landscape of green hinterland, agriculture, woods and lakes. The beaches of the Baltic Sea are amazing… but let yourself be surprised by the manifold landscapes and precious sights in the rural areas in the hinterland of the Baltic Sea Coast. This rural landscape is the land of the Baltic Manors, former estates with agriculture, now used with modern approaches or as cultural venues. Discover: 1000 manors and one million stories…All linked together by culture, wars and nobel families and connected by the Baltic Sea.

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