Moated castle Quilow

A renaissance castle at river Peene

Moated castle Quilow is an interesting witness of nearly 500 years of history

Officially, the earth is still flat and the centre of the universe – but not for long! The 16thcentury manor house did see 440 years of agricultutral, economic and social changes. It served as home to lower nobility as well as a centerpiece of rural live in the GDR and survived several periods of decay. Nonetheless lots of its original substance is still to be seen and many fragments of the past found their way to its new form in the early 21stcentury. From Summer 2020 it is welcoming tourists of the „Naturpark Flusslandschaft Peenetal“ as well as anybody intersted in the history and future of the „Hinterland“ or just wanting to have a good time with something nice to eat and drink. And if you like, visit the Trabbi-Garage next door, where you can thight a screw on 40 years automotive engineering of the GDR.

An oasis of history in beautiful nature

Moated castle Quilow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

The 16thcentury manor house has for hundreds of years long periods of deterioration, followed by smaller restorations. Now, for the first time, a full restoration is the goal, and the building’s different historical periods will be visible in the house, that will work as a culture house in the small village surrounding it. The castle is embedded in a beautiful rough nature at the banks of river Peene, which is called the Amazonas of Europe. It´r rich nature and magnificent diversity amazes the visitors, yet, this region still is a secret spot. You may cross the river after a short walk from the castle and will be suprised by the neighbored village of Stolpe, where guests may enjoy a glas of beer and regional snacks in the Stolpe Fährkrug or visit the high class hotel Gutshaus Stolpe.