Parseta River Basin

The route of  lost places

A virtual tour to Baltic Manors

Since the manors in this region are lively testimonies to the history and culture of the area in Western Poland, this showcase will invite into the “manor scenery”of around 30 Baltic Manors in the Parseta region. This open air exhibition will lead through a route that shows palaces and manors that are still decaying and are waiting for an investor or and idea for the future concept. Some manors are nice places of hospitality and offer hotel rooms, restaurants or cultural events. With maps and an online app visitors will get access to informations about  the history and change of utilizations, the ownerships before and after the war. The common intro exhibition on Baltic Manor history will be displayed on boards a regional museum. The staff in manor hotels will also provide info on other manor tourism offers & tourism trails to reach the manors.

Virtual tour through Baltic Manors

The region’s manors testify to the neglect of the manorial heritage after World War Two and its revival after the fall of Communism. Today, these places offer a whole range of new uses and attractions from spa hotels in refurbished palaces to “sleeping beauties” in ruins. A  digital 360 degree application enables visitors to look behind closed doors and travel back in time to the heyday of what are now deserted locations.

Virtual walk around the museum Karlino

Visitors will learn about the regional cultural history of the area in the museum in Karlino (Muzeum Ziemi Karlińskiej) A virtual walk around the museum will guide the visitors through the manor house culture of the region