Baltic Manors – cultural heritage

Manor house history: one exhibition with seven sections

Learn more about common history, changing systems, demolition and reconstruction

In each region of our Baltic Manor landscape you will be able to visit a history showcase on the manors houses and estates. Seven Baltic Manors will be the entry point to the the Baltic Manor region. The history showcases are designed as one exhibition with seven sections and will invite you to explore the Baltic Manors scenery with its more than 1.000 historic houses. The shared history  of the regions, the regional specialities and the shared stories of the fascinating buildings and their families will be displayed in different locations. Also we present you contemporary concepts of utilization and you will learn about modern “space pioneers”. We will tell you stories about new life in old houses and the people that in some regions are taking care of this cultural heritage nowadays with very creative concepts.








Innovators of their time and modern countryside living

Learn more about the interesting people who then and now are in charge of the Baltic Manors

Many manors are still places, where families live. Either because their family have owned the place for several generations, or because they were bought in recent times. For some manorial life is connected to conducting large scale agriculture. For others manorial life is part of being in the hotel or culture business. Manor owners or tenants still help keeping manor culture alive – but often in new and unexpected ways. Especially in the eastern countries of the Baltic Manors Region the gaps and changes of utilization after World War II, the soviet/GDR times and after the German wall came down are giving a very interesting perspective on the manorial heritage. Urban people form the cities come to the countryside and literals fall in love with the buildings… and sometime never leave again. But also historic figures gave a surprisingly modern impact to the education, health system and society at their time, especially in Scandinavia. In Denmark, for instance,  you will meet very unconventional utilizations in former manor houses and estates, like a safari park or a winery that makes cherry wine.

Exhibition Baltic Manors

venues of change

Palac Ciekocinko Hotel Poland
Schloss Quilow Vorpommern
Reventlow Family
Pederstrup Museum Denmark
Castle Krokowa Exhibition Kashubia

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