Baltic Manors Project

New strategies for Baltic Manors

How to attract visitors to the rural hinterland?

That question drives the partners of our INTERREG Project,  who are experts of manors, tourism and rural development.
Manors are prominent testimonies of the changeful history of the South Baltic area and genuine “cross-border monuments” of the manifold cultural and political interrelations within the region. At the same time, they are sceneries for attractive and unusual tourism & culture offers. The Project “South Baltic Manors”, which is implemented within the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2013-2020,  seeks to use this potential for tourism development in the rural parts of the South Baltic area.

The project focuses on promoting manor tourism and initiates joint marketing based on the region`s shared history and the recent “space pioneer” phenomenon – as we call the current trend of urban families moving to the countryside to live a life of slow down and self-realization.

Within the project, we create and promote new joint manor tourism offers to attract visitors, like cycling-routes, subregional trails to manors and cultural events in  the manors like the international Baltic Manors Festival.

Associated Partners

Kaliningrad Regional History and Art Museum
Kaliningrad Regional Economic Development Agency

Association of manors and palaces of Latvia

Waldau Castle
Ministry of Economics, Employment and Health Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Associated Partners

Pomorskie Tourist Board
Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area
Municipality of Lolland
Municipality of Guldborgsund
Silute Tourism Information Center

Creative story telling about the future of cultural heritage of manors

The project consortium assembles institutions from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania and Kaliningrad Region, the Russian exclave. All partners have a high level of proficiency in presenting the area´s shared history to visitors and valorising manors for tourism development