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Whether you are a cross-border traveler or a guest in your own country, we promise you new experiences when visiting the Baltic Manors Landscape around the Baltic Coast in Lithuania, Kaliningrad, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Since there are a few hundred (or maybe even thousands) of historic manor houses around the Baltic there are even more stories to discover. Each historic house has its own history and character, yet there is a common background and often there is a link between the former agriculture estates and houses, because of family history. When entering a Baltic Manor in your region you will get in touch also with the history of many other houses. We provide you with some tours off the beaten track to explore nature and culture on day trips or over-night-tours to see ruins, museums, creative spaces and nice little hotels in Baltic Manors. Find your unique hotel in a Baltic Manor in the region of Northern Kashubia here.When traveling in Northern Germany visit one of the Manor House Hotels in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Baltic Manors Landscape

Tours to the Baltic Manors

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Vorpommern, Germany

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Zulawy, Poland

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Northern Kashubia

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Southeast Skåne

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The remote areas and villages throughout the Baltic Manors Landscape offer beautiful nature and cultural sights. Visit villages with old manors, learn about regional culture in museums, experience innovative culture in creative spaces, enjoy holidays close to nature or explore nature by bike, boat, kayak, hiking or with the car. Ready to book tours from castle to castle in Germany. You may visit bigger cities like Danzig or Rostock or stroll along the famous Baltic seaside resorts of Palanga or Usedom, from there take a detour and dive into old places with new life. Explore the manor house culture of the Baltic region and enjoy many stories about the people behind the bricks.

Lithuania Minor, Lithuania

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Lolland Falster, Denmark

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